How can we detect online fraud so well?

We have merged experience of best fraud managers, workflows used by industry leaders and cutting-edge technology to provide you a simple way of detecting online fraud brought by fake and multiple accounts using device identification and machine learning algorithms.

Identify when several accounts are used from the same device by the same person.

Our research has shown that majority of online fraud is linked to customers who create multiple accounts to escape detection.

Key customer interactions with website are tracked and a wide range of checks is employed to detect accounts that may have been created or used by the same person:

  • Device identification;
  • Browser fingerprinting;
  • Duplicate name, address or phone;
  • Geographical consistency of registration data.

Device identification and fingerprinting technologies used by DupZapper were featured in major media, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, TechRepublic and PCWorld.

A proprietary technology also detects attempts to block tracking cookies, as well as inconsistent geographic IP location that may suggest use of a proxy or an account takeover.

Featured in media

Fully featured case management.

Case management is one of the key DupZapper features that makes it superior in handling detected online fraud cases. Collected data are grouped to Cases of related suspicious accounts and can be used in two ways. Fraud team receives a concise report on new suspicious activity and does checks on accounts proactively, before one of them attempts to perform a high-risk transaction.

When a risky transaction is about to commence, operations team can open up an account and see decisions and comments made on the related Cases previously.

Case decisions and comments can also be accessed by an external risk management system or payment gateway to automatically approve transactions of trusted customers.

Feature cases

Easy to Install.

You will see account history and duplicate data in DupZapper immediately upon placing HTML tracking code on a website. No API integration is required to get started.

Full-featured trial version is free. This gives you a unique possibility to estimate ROI and roll-out a business process before paying for the service.

DupZapper pricing has been designed with online gaming business in mind. We succeed by making sure that our customers save much more money than they pay us.

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