Fraud Team Motivation and Perfomance Evaluation

Most companies use human input for making decisions about detected fraud in one form or another. As the system is as good as worst of its components, manual part of the business process should be made as good as possible to detect most online fraud flawlessly. Another consideration here is to minimise management costs, and different process choices would offer different result too.

Accepting desire to build flawless process at a minimal cost as the objective allows to make informed decisions to optimise ROI during implementing DupZapper online fraud detection solution.

DupZapper team has found out that in majority of companies the single most important piece in getting human processing right is motivation. In many companies there is no explicit motivation for fraud team to detect more fraud, resulting in human desire to perform just good enough. Working culture and ethics improvements can make a huge difference. And to complete motivation scheme, defined business process and performance metrics are very important. Not only they let to measure performance in numbers, but also help management to evaluate fraud team members easily, reducing management costs.

DupZapper offers out-of-the-box solutions for both needs. First of all, it uses advanced fraud case management and audit functionality to track actions by the system users, enticing them to leave an audit trail of online fraud case status changes and comments. The solution is made complete by the reporting interface, which displays a graphical representation of activities happening in the system as a whole or done by a certain user.

Combination of these technologies helps managers to monitor impact of each employee and empowers to quickly spot any performance issues or delays in checks. It also helps employers to review their own progress, becoming an essential tool for self-motivation that helps to develop skills incrementally without a need for management oversight at all.