Account Whitelisting

Following the feedback received, a change DupZapper went live in September 2014. It is designed to reduce number of false positives, giving more time to investigate accounts that are more likely to carry out malicious activities.

Account Whitelisting

Case History in the Case view allows to whitelist account-reason pairs. For example, if a 'Duplicate Device ID' is whitelisted for an account, then the case won't be reopened even if a new Device ID duplicate is detected for this account. However, the case will be reopened if a new reason appears, such as duplicate browser or GeoIP mismatch (unless these reasons are whitelisted for the account as well).

This allows to effectively exclude accounts from a case, as well as prevent case from being reopened when the account has been previously checked.

Whitelisting an account of user who created multiple accounts

Clicking Whitelist button in Case History will cause DupZapper to whitelist chosen reason and account and do not report them further. Whitelisting reason does not automatically change Case status.

Reasons that were whitelisted are displayed in grey italic type in the Case History. Whitelisted reasons are not included in the Case Outlook. Cases that have all reasons that link account to a given case whitelisted are not displayed in search by account (Account view) anymore.