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How can we help you to detect and prevent online fraud?

We have merged experience of best fraud managers, workflows used by industry leaders and cutting-edge technology to provide you a simple way of detecting online fraud brought by fake and multiple accounts using device identification and machine learning algorithms.

Effective fraud prevention

DupZapper joins best technologies together to detect and prevent online fraud. Targeting most common types of online fraud achieves unprecedented detection efficiency.

Easy to use

Takes only 15 minutes to set up tracking code on a website. Well-designed user interface allows to get your team onboard quickly.

Completely secure

DupZapper anti-fraud solution does not require you to sent any sensitive customer data. Concentrate on running your business and do not worry about compliance and security.

Fraud detection process

We combine steps crucial to successful online fraud detection in one product and give you full flexibility to decide which you need.

Identify what devices your customers use

DupZapper gathers as much information as possible about website visitor's device and reveals cases when several customers share same device, often indicating multiple accounting that is likely to lead to losses.

This essential technology has allowed our customers to instantly reduce fraud by more than half of volume immediately after adopting service. However, device identification concept is not indefeatable provided enough resources. We offer advanced levels of fraud processing to prevent most advanced cases.

Detect suspicious accounts

In addition to offering device identification service, DupZapper detects accounts that are likely to be created for fraud purposes by analysing patterns that indicate multi-accounting. Customer device is not expected to always cooperate. Therefore DupZapper also reports customers that attempt to hide real device identity or become a victim of account takeover

To achieve top level of fraud detection, we work with our customers to implement tailored solutions that detect fraud patterns based on behaviour rather than purely technical metrics.

Detection results can be accessed using web interface or an API.

Choose level of integration you need

DupZapper device identification technology takes minutes to be set up on a website and the data are instantly available in our powerful online back office tool that helps to keep track of suspected fraud cases, organise effective online fraud detection process and track performance of fraud analysts.

Connect your system

If you have your own CRM or fraud detection system, its easy to connect it to DupZapper using our REST API, which exposes raw data we gather during device identification, detected groups of accounts, as well as status and history of cases that were managed in DupZapper back office.

Trusted by businesses around the world:

We’ve partnered up with the DupZapper exactly a year ago. We operate a number of casino gaming websites around the world and with the growth of new registrations and active customers it was apparent that our internal tools and efforts are lagging behind allowing various bonus-hunters, fraud accounts to start taking an advantage.

DupZapper allowed us to reduce marketing (bonus) and operational costs related to converting new players by 15% after two weeks of usage. We are now using the DupZapper 100% and very happy with the service. Moreover, it has been possible to work with DupZapper team in order to add new changes and functionalities to further enhance the product.

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Operations Manager

Superior Technology

Device identification technology in the core of DupZapper has been featured in major media.

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